About TMI Climate Solutions

TMI Climate Solutions was founded in 1982 providing pre-piped and wired custom air handling units with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  Over the years, the company evolved to provide complete factory assembled mechanical penthouses, which encompass mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, piping systems, and all other components needed for a fully functional mechanical room. This evolution continued with the addition of an Advanced Hydronics Division to further advance the growth of TMI’s footprint in the U.S. commercial and industrial refrigeration markets.

Today, TMI provides solutions through innovative design and custom manufacturing solutions, while delivering the highest value in air handling and hydronic products.  The company strives to be the global leader in custom modular climate solutions ranging from the rigorous extremes of a government research facility to the health concerns surrounding the indoor air quality in hospitals through relationships, innovation and expertise.

Customization is an integral component of our design team. TMI employs a full mechanical engineering department that is responsible for the design of each unit manufactured. Our electrical engineering department has extensive experience in all aspects of electrical systems ranging from complete temperature controls systems and motor control packages, to complex power distribution. Every project is custom engineered to meet specification

Air Handling Units

With TMI, every unit is unique to the customer’s need, and is designed and engineered to meet their space constraints.

Main Features and Benefits of TMI Climate Solutions

  • TMI Climate Solutions offers custom solutions to unique design requirements
  • Highest quality rooftop and interior custom uniEZY-Fit™ foam injected panels for knock-down capability
  • Unit designed to meet specialized requirements of existing footprint
  • Engineering capability to design around columns and various structural limitations to match existing unit dimensions
  • Architecturally pleasing siding options to meet aesthetic requirements

Volume and Static Pressure

  • 1,000-400,000 CFM units customized to meet our customer’s needs
  • Standard construction units can withstand up to 15″ of static pressure
  • Custom housing units have the capability to meet up to 65″ of static pressure

Housing Features and options

  • Panels are constructed from a variety of material options: Galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel, and aluminized
  • TMI’s standard construction housing with 3+1 No Thru Metal Construction
  • Architecturally pleasing siding options to meet aesthetic requirements.
  • Urethane foam insulation is sprayed to a density of 2.5 lb./ft, and is standard to the construction process
  • Panel thickness is offered in 2″ standard, or 3″ and 4″ thermal break panels
  • Antimicrobial coatings for interior liners are available to meet the requirements of specialty markets

Advanced Hydronics

TMI delivers custom hydronic solutions, such as Custom DX Units, Variable Speed Pumping Systems, Custom Air Cooled Chillers, and a wide variety of Central Utility Plants. TMI also has a dedicated staff of advanced hydronic experts to serve the HVAC community.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Factory built and tested for minimal onsite disruption
  • Dedicated and experienced engineers for both refrigeration and hydronics
  • Certified welders for all pipe fabrication
  • Complete electrical and controls integration
  • 3D CAD modeling using latest software for complete system integration

Capabilities and Capacities

  • Factory capable of handling large modular units up to 100,000 lbs.
  • 150 psi and 300 psi designs available
  • Certified electricians for medium and high voltage wiring and switchgear
  • Design capability to handle heavy duty and corrosive environments, such as sea air and seismic zones

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