Whisperline® Water Source Heat Pumps – Overview

At Whalen, it is our philosophy to offer equipment that is flexible enough to meet the design of the building rather than forcing a building to conform to the limitations of the equipment. This philosophy is not limited to physical size or optional accessories.

The Whalen Whisperline® Water Source Heat Pump is a proven concept in air conditioning for any type of building – advantageous for new construction and renovation of apartments, condominiums, hotels, senior living facilities, dormitories, and office buildings.

The Whisperline® is capable of performing at entering water temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to 100 degrees F, depending on the configuration you select.

If you’re looking for a unit that offers design flexibility, provides a lower installed cost, reduces maintenance, and incorporates features like aluminum grilles for a superior long-lasting appearance, the Whisperline® is the natural choice for you.

  • Easy to Install and Service

    By utilizing a single set of risers, Whisperline® units are able to stack from floor to floor, thereby simplifying the installation.  For staged installation projects, cabinets can be shipped separately from the refrigerant chassis.

    The chassis, which includes the complete refrigerant circuit, slides into the cabinet after the construction debris has been removed to ensure trouble-free operation at start-up.

    When a chassis requires service, it can be quickly replaced in a matter of minutes by sliding the existing chassis out and sliding a spare chassis into the cabinet.

  • Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

    With efficiencies up to 15.5 EER, Whisperline® units are both environmentally and economically friendly.  Operating well above the ASHRAE 90.1 minimum, these units exceed minimum thresholds for most utility rebate and incentive programs.  All units run on Ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

  • Small in Size … Quiet in Operation

    Since we offer one of the smallest footprints in the industry along with customization capabilities including cabinet height, riser locations, handing and discharge arrangements and sizes, your new Whisperline® units will be installed and operating in significantly less time.

    Dual-level vibration isolators are integrated into every unit to help minimize vibration and noise transmission.  An acoustically insulated compressor enclosure further reduces any sound transmission, making these units ideal for noise-sensitive applications.

Whisperline® Two-Stage Water Source Heat Pump – Overview

Introducing the Whisperline® VD Series, the industry’s first and only 2-stage vertical stack water source heat pump; a highly efficient unit and the ideal solution for high-performance buildings. The VD Series includes a two-stage scroll compressor and an ECM Motor (electronically commutated) resulting in superior efficiency and comfort.

This series offers our customers best-in-class comfort, efficiency, and low noise levels along with a wide range of available options. The Whisperline® VD incorporates a number of features and options that provide maximum comfort and performance to users and maximum flexibility to engineers and architects.

  • Market Exclusivity

    Industry’s first and only 2-stage vertical stack water source heat pump.

  • Energy Efficient

    Best-in-class 2-stage efficiency provides year-round savings.

  • Quiet in Operation

    Best-in-class sound levels and quiet operation. High-efficiency ECM constant torque fan motor for low sound levels.

  • Ease in Serviceability

    Service-friendly features for easy repair and installation.

  • Application Flexibility

    Extensive features and options to meet virtually any job site requirement.

  • Cabinet Design

    Low leakage galvanized steel cabinet. Lift-out stainless-steel drain pan.

  • Low Vibration

    Floating compressor design and cabinet isolation pad to minimize vibration transmission.

  • Supply Opening

    Left, right, front, back, and top combinations. All supply openings are painted black to block the view into the unit and when one unit is used for two rooms, a sight baffle is placed between the two grilles.

  • Supply/Return Risers

    Provided to meet the requirements of the job site. Custom lengths and spacing can be provided to meet the exact floor-to-floor dimension of the project. Risers are factory installed and piped to ball valves within the cabinet.

Closetline® Packaged Water Source Heat Pump

The Closetline® CAS series from The Whalen Company boasts a compact cabinet, making this heat pump system the perfect solution for commercial retrofit or new construction applications.

The Closetline® CAS series far exceeds the ASHRAE 90.1 minimum efficiency and utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerants to reduce operating costs without compromising the environment. Closetline® water source heat pumps are popular in a variety of building applications where quiet operation in a compact footprint is a key requirement.

True to our commitment to offering equipment that’s flexible enough to meet the design of the building rather than forcing a building to conform to the limitations of the equipment, our Closetline® packaged water source heat pumps can be applied to virtually any type of building.

With its compact footprint, the Closetline® CAS Series is particularly advantageous for new construction or renovation of apartments, condominiums, hotels, senior living facilities, dormitories, and office buildings.

  • Compact Footprint

    Compact cabinet design with quick access for ease of service. Horizontal units can be serviced through the unit bottom to virtually eliminate removing ceiling-mounted units for service.

  • Fan Operation

    Oversized blower for quiet operation. A PSC fan motor is standard for economical operation with an optional constant torque multi-speed EC motor, with soft start and serviceable from one side.

  • Drain Pan

    Internally trapped (vertical models), stainless steel drain pan for years of trouble-free service.

  • Compressor

    Compact and efficient compressors, with double isolation for quiet operation.

  • Reliable Operation

    The thermostatic expansion valve maintains maximum capacity under a wide range of operating conditions.

  • Easy To Install

    Water connections are securely mounted flush to the cabinet to eliminate the need for a backup wrench.