Sterling’s engineering group can customize any enclosure application to meet your specific building needs. That, along with the most modern powder paint system available, gives the engineer and architect almost limitless design options.

Versa-Line Finned Tube Radiation

This is the Sterling’s most versatile and flexible, multi-purpose commercial hydronic heating enclosure line. For more than 50 years, it has provided users an outstanding BTU output/penny of cost, offering architects, engineers, and contractors a full range of enclosure styles, heights, depths, lengths and element selections.

Popularly known as “a reliable workhorse”, Versa-Line features include small tube sizes and low water temperature ratings, being used in commercial heating installations – structures that demand good looks, durability and low price. Ideally suited for schools, general office buildings, common walkways, and high traffic areas. Versa-Line is especially suited for high heat loss areas, but it can also be used in areas with subtle lines and perimeter heating.

Versa-Line Finned Tube Radiation enclosures are available in 18, 16, and 14 gauge C.R.S., stainless steel, and aluminum options.  The enclosures are reinforced with 14 gauge internal gussets and full height vertical slip joint stiffeners. All finned tube enclosures are press brake formed with hard tool dies to ensure consistent styles, shapes, and sizes.

Guardian Security Enclosures

Guardian finned tube security enclosures are constructed from perforated heavy gauge steel, making them ideal for secure and controlled environments including correctional facilities, holding cells, psychiatric facilities, and athletic facilities.

The perforated area can be positioned on the cover to meet any requirement. Tamper-proof fasteners for securing accessories can be factory-supplied, and security enclosures are a step above the competition with design features that exceed even the most rigorous specifications.

Light Commercial Hydronic Heating

LB2 and LCS-10 are Sterling’s high-value choice for commercial strength and durability. LB2 are meant for to-the-floor heating installations in areas such as dormitories, military housing, nursing homes, and apartment houses. LCS-10 is for areas where off the floor mounting is appropriate or higher BTU’s are required.

The Sterling LCS-10 offers an outstanding value in a light commercial hydronic heating enclosure, with a high heat output in a low profile slope-top enclosure. The LCS-10 is space-saver and offers ease of installation, featuring a self-locating bracket with pre-punched mounting holes. The design also prevents trash accumulation while meeting the specifications of demanding engineers and architects. On top of it, LCS-10 does not require a full backplate, so it can be mounted off of the finished floor.

The LB2 is ruggedly built, heavy gauge, and easy to install baseboard radiation system for the institutional market.

Classic Architecturally Styled Enclosure

The clean, crisp classic look and streamlined anodized aluminum grille help make Classic the ideal choice for modern office buildings, banks, executive offices, luxury hotels – wherever enclosures are intended to enhance a building’s interior statement.

Standard Classic Enclosures have internally telescoping accessories for dramatic shadow effect, which offers architects and engineers uninhibited design opportunities. “J” Style Classic Enclosures provide an interlocking, slip-jointed construction that incorporates overlapping accessories to facilitate layout adjustments for variations of final building construction.


The DURA-VANE II finned tube heating combines smooth-flowing lines of extruded aluminum linear grilles with rugged steel enclosure. It complements the linear treatment of contemporary architecture while providing a draft-free, comfortable environment.

To learn more about the Sterling product line or to discuss your project, just contact us.