SHARC Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems

SHARC Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems is a renewable energy company that recovers heat from wastewater to provide water heating and space conditioning.

Wastewater is a constant and inexhaustible resource that can carry approximately 25% of a building’s daily energy consumption and, in most cases, is being allowed to go to waste into our sewer systems. When discharged from buildings, wastewater is higher in temperature than other regenerative energy sources, such as well water or geo-exchange, reaching an average temperature of 21°C (77°F) at the point of discharge.

At SHARC Energy Systems, the limitless supply of thermal energy from wastewater is captured to provide sustainable heating and conditioning for a wide range of building types. The thermo-mechanical methods used in SHARC’s system are efficient, cost-effective, scalable and reliable, providing a truly sustainable and odorless heating and cooling source.

SHARC reduces global carbon emissions while reducing current and future energy costs for our clients.

Operated by a team of technical and engineering professionals with over 100 years of experience in the heating, ventilating and geo-exchange industries, SHARC Energy Systems is equipped to remain as leaders in thermal energy and at the forefront of wastewater innovation.


The SHARC system exchanges energy with wastewater that would otherwise flow down the drain. The solution is suitable for multi-unit residential, commercial buildings, and district energy systems.

SHARC system benefits include:

  • Energy cost savings and primary energy consumption reduction
  • Energy Supply Security
  • Cost Certainty for long-term budgeting
  • Reduced GHG emissions, including CO2
  • Better air quality around the site & reduced carbon monoxide risk
  • Easy install into new or existing infrastructure
  • Ongoing system monitoring and cost-free maintenance & equipment life cycle

Included within the SHARC Heat Recovery system are:

  • All civil engineering including connection to the local wastewater resource
  • Packaged Energy Centre
    • SHARC Unit
    • Heat Pumps
    • Buffer Tanks
    • Control System
  • Heat Network
  • Building Interface

To learn more about SHAR, visit the company’s website.