As the leader in hydronic fan coils, IEC offers the largest selection of products in the industry. Our offering covers the full spectrum of horizontal and vertical systems, modular hi-rise, and belt-driven fan coils, as well as innovative designs created specifically for hotel rooms, hospital rooms, dormitories, apartments, and condominiums.  Our ongoing commitment to research and development means that we are bringing you the best products available, such as our innovative RestoraMod, which cuts replacement time for hotel room fan coils by over half.  In addition, IEC offers unique products with energy-saving technology such as our EC motors, and features such as foil face and closed cell insulation for an even higher level of IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality).



How does a fan coil company like IEC become the market leader?

It starts with our industry-leading reputation for developing solutions that are specifically aligned with customer needs. Then it is reinforced with the more than six decades we have spent developing the largest depth and breadth of fan coils.  Finally, our extensive applications and engineering expertise and flexibility are brought together to meet our customers’ project objectives, schedules, and requirements.

Based in Oklahoma City, and supported by a network of the industry’s most experienced fan coil systems sales professionals, we are the industry leader in

  • Hydronic fan coil systems for hospitality, multi-family, healthcare, and education.  Offering industry-leading flexibility in sizing and configurations for a broad range of building applications.
  • Unmatched engineering and application support.
  • Innovative replacement and retrofit solutions for fan coils in applications where limiting downtime is crucial to a business’ success.

Simply stated, we are willing to go above and beyond what most fan coil suppliers can or are willing to do to meet customers’ needs. At IEC, this is the basis by which we run our business.