Modular Chillers

  • Retrofit Solution. The modules fit through a typical 36” wide doorway and onto standard freight elevators.
  • True Redundancy. Separate module electrical feed and dual independent refrigeration circuits mean built-in redundancy for 24/7 performance, even during maintenance.
  • Expandability. The modular chiller bank can grow as the cooling and heating load demands of the facility grow or change.
  • Space Saving. Smaller footprint than a conventional chiller with the same capacity, making them ideal for replacement projects where space or access to the mechanical room is limited.
  • Energy Efficient. Up to 25 EER combined efficiency (Model UCH). Various tonnage combinations and compressor VFDs allow for precise turndown to meet the building load profile.

Variable Speed Drives on compressors for precise turndown
6-pipe Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Heat Pump and Heat Recovery
Standard and custom Pump Packages
Additional Options:
  • Hot Gas Bypass
  • Modular Chiller Skid Options
  • Coil Coating
  • Condenser Water Head Pressure Regulating Control
  • Pressure Differential Flow Sensor
  • Low Ambient to -20°F
  • Water Header Bypass
  • Water Isolation Valves and Individual Heat Exchanger Flush Ports
  • Weatherproof Enclosure