photo of vertical Bulldog Heat Pump

No Other Pump Does More With Less

Bulldog understands that you want is pretty simple: an efficient solution with less heating costs.

That’s why they manufacture pumps that never use electricity to heat. That’s right.

The difference in cost can vary from 30% to 60% or even more from other traditional pumps that use electricity instead of natural gas.

Believe it or not, we’re talking about more comfort with less full load heat. That is because Bulldog provides part load heat during spring and fall, and full heat during winter – unlike most WSHP that deliver full heat all year round.

What more do you get with Bulldog?

More Quiet With Less Compressor Operation

Bulldog heat pumps have compressors that only operate in cooling mode and don’t have reversing valve, leading to more reliability and less failure.  Because the compressor doesn’t operate all the time, Bulldog heat pumps are quieter.

More Usable Space With Less Footprint

The Bulldog heat pump is smaller and has a number of space-saving features, such as direct drywall mounting onto the cabinet, which eliminates the need for 2×4 mounting studs. Only this feature creates more than 2 sq. ft. of additional floor space.

More Reliable With Less Failure Parts

Bulldog studied where and when WSHP are most likely to fail, and made modifications to the Bulldog product design that have resulted in greater reliability.

More LEED Points With Less Cost

Bulldog pumps contribute more towards LEED points due to lower heating and electrical costs.

A recent independent performance assessment concluded that Bulldog’s contribution ranges from 21 and 39% more towards LEED ratings than other WSHP available in the market.

More Affordable With Less Installation Costs

Bulldog heat pump can run lower flow rates and high EER’s, allowing for smaller pipes, smaller cooling towers, and lower pumping costs.

  • Smaller footprint
  • Greater design and layout flexibility
  • Fewer high failure parts
  • Easier LEED certification
  • Quieter
  • Greater comfort
  • Less reliance on electricity
  • More efficient
  • Lower pumping requirements
  • Reduced waste heat
  • Higher EER
  • Easier service and maintenances
  • Reduced installation material, cost and time
  • Space-saving cabinets with direct drywall mounting

Please, call us or contact our engineers to know how Bulldog Heat Pump can make a difference in your project.