Protect Your Most Liquid Asset: WATER

Typically, the highest consumption of energy and water in a commercial or industrial building is the cooling system.

A neglected or poorly maintained cooling tower reduces chiller efficiency by 10% to 35%, and just ¼ inch of scale in a heat exchanger can increase energy consumption by up to 40%, making operational costs skyrocket.

Until now, the industry has focused on monitoring water quality and energy usage independently of one another. But energy and water are inextricably linked.

Measuring water quality and taking action based on data can effectively reduce these costs and also maintenance time and expenses, putting yourself in full control of the building.

The Aquanomix Technology: A Safeguard Against Your Water Management Risks

Aquanomix is your best friend in the facility when it comes to water treatment, acting as your risk manager by offering data-based solutions through the combination of intelligent software and proper water separation, filtration, and treatment.

Why is that important? Because monitoring the water quality of a building in real time gives you access to operating costs and water quality management at a granular level, allowing you to make intelligent decisions that save you money and improve system performance.

The data provided by Aquanomix solutions helps any building achieve high water quality and energy use goals at low cost

The Cube: All-In-One Water Management System

The Cube is an all-in-one water quality and management control center for open condenser water systems that combines:

  • Risk management software (Symphony software plus control panel)
  • Monitoring hardware (sensor manifold with flow verification and a la carte sensors)
  • Water sampling station
  • Water management (water treatment controller, blowdown valve, motorized blowdown meter)
  • Chemical management (3” stainless steel durable piping and  3-chemical injection posts, 1” NPTF)
  • Connectivity (cell modem and standard accessories, cell service contract, hardwired via VPN3)

The Aquanomix Cube addresses all 4 cornerstones of water management, protecting building systems from potential failures caused by corrosion, suspended solids, scaling, and biofilm deposits, and solving capital expenditures failures, operational risk of wasted water, and unmanaged life safety risk.

The Cube can either be mounted on the wall with no filtration, or on a skid with the filtration system of choice (media, disc, screen, of centrifugal separator), reducing footprint up to 30%.

The Sensor Suite monitors conductivity, ORP, pH, corrosion, and biofilm, and optional sensors include turbidimeter, fluorometer, and other metals.

Aquanomix Canary: The Game-Changer Biofilm Alert

Legionella is a bacteria commonly found in constantly wet environments and harmless if under control. However, piping HVAC systems are breeding grounds for bacteria, and high Legionella count poses a threat to humans’ health.

Legionella bacteria grows in biofilm, and outbreaks can cause a pneumonia-like disease called Legionnaire’s, which can be deadly.

The Aquanomix Canary is a definite solution for this problem, and a ground-breaking sensor in the market. The Canary is the first 3rd party validated monitor in the U.S. that detects biofilm growth to one monolayer. This early detection enables the building team to immediately take action and reduce biofilm.

There are many other reasons why monitoring biofilms is essential:

  • Biofilm causes a reduction in heat transfer
  • Biofilm induces highly localized microbial corrosion
  • Biofilm interferes with the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors
  • Biofilm trap particulate matter, increasing fouling potential
  • Biofilm disrupts water distribution within the system

Aquanomix Symphony: The Risk Management Success Partner

The Cube is complemented by an intelligent water quality and energy efficiency software called Symphony.

Symphony aggregates energy efficiency and water quality data and provides a number that represents the overall performance of a cooling system. This number is called the Nexus Number.

The Key Performance Indicators within the Nexus Number include:

  • Water Quality Data
  • Water Efficiency Data
  • Heat Exchanger Efficiency Data

The data provided by the Symphony can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time through an intuitive platform that integrates seamlessly into your environment and with your BMS system.

Symphony Technology Highlights

  • Benchmarking for risk management professionals, building owners and operators
  • Tools for optimizing water + energy usage in evaporative cooling systems
  • Daily Nexus Number updates
  • Continuous commissioning of critical control points
  • Open protocol software platform allows for easy system integration
  • Cloud-based, 24/7 remote accessibility
  • Advanced data analytics for system diagnostics and trending capabilities
  • Scale, corrosion, microbiological, and fouling performance data points
  • Incorporates atmospheric condition data

Most Symphony clients increase chiller efficiency by 10% to 35% upon installation. Our engineers can help you identify opportunities in your facility and create a tailored plan to improve efficiency and manage risk, both immediate and long-term.

Within one year, your investment in Symphony is realized and you reap the long-term rewards: environmental sustainability, capital asset preservation, regulatory compliance and operational readiness, reduced utilities and maintenance costs, extended equipment life, LEED points, and no unplanned downtime.

Complete Your Cube Investment With Water Makeup Water Package

Aquanomix’s treatment skids are engineered to filter and disinfect harvested rainwater, greywater, foundation, storm and process for reuse as cooling tower, toilet, water features, and irrigation makeup water.

The Aquanomix reuse systems process and then direct water for use in non-potable applications, including cooling towers, toilets, and irrigation. The water running through an Aquanomix system is monitored by an automated controls platform resulting in proper water quality delivery for intended application.

All Aquanomix components are skid-mounted,
pre-wired, pre-piped, and sized to meet project parameters.

The standard treatment skid includes a centrifugal separator and a bag filter for custom filtration needs, with a system that employs environmentally-sensitive technologies such as ultraviolet disinfection and filtration.

Aquanomix Product Selection Is Easier Than You Think