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Exceeding expectations since 1971, Seasons-4 has been providing Custom Built HVAC solutions and Package DX Units for:



Automation facilities

Casinos & resorts

Data Centers

Food processing facilities




Malls & Shopping centers

Military facilities



Schools & Universities


Wastewater Treatment Plants

Custom Components:

Most manufacturers start with a standard off the shelf unit, selected from their catalog and then try to add components and options to make it fit the users needs. They might even send it to a “final finisher” to have modifications made in an effort to meet specifications and customer needs. Seasons 4 starts from a blank sheet of paper and designs custom built HVAC solutions to specifically meet their customer’s needs. By approaching every job in this manner, Seasons 4 ensures that every part was meant to work together and that the design is made using the most energy efficient approach possible. Seasons 4 has years of experience building Custom Built HVAC solutions and Package DX Units. We build units with the following options just to name a few:

Hot Gas reheat – By using hot gas reheat, we can adjust the leaving air temperature of the unit, i.e. the sensible capacity of the unit so to not overcool your space while still providing maximum dehumidification. Believe it or not, not all hot gas reheat systems are created equally. Some systems just “trim the top off” and provide a desuperheating type reheat that is limited in it’s reheat capability, but is the simplest to provide and does not require active refrigerant management to controls. While a desuperheating hot gas reheat system can be provided with a modulating control valve, given the limited capacity, a simple on/off hot gas reheat valve is the simplest and easiest form of control. Seasons 4 also provides a full condensing reheat system where all the condensing is done in the hot gas reheat coil in lieu of being condensed and the heat rejected outdoors. Full condensing reheat is usually best configured with active refrigerant management components (receivers, and control valves) to avoid “overcharge” situations. Full condensing reheat is best used with modulating control valves.

Subcool reheat. – By using hot liquid on its way to the expansion valve as a source of reheat, one can actually extend the performance and efficiency of their unit. Subcool reheat is best used when you have a constant need for reheat, say in a dedicated outside air unit where you need to provide neutral air. Subcool reheat can be used in conjunction with hot gas reheat, letting the subcool reheat coil do the “heavy lifting” and trimming the leaving air temperature with the hot gas reheat coils.

Energy recovery – There are several forms of energy recovery available and Seasons 4 has used them all. Total and Sensible energy recovery wheels, passive and active regenerated desiccant wheels,  Enthalpy and Sensible plates, wrap around and energy recovery heat pipes and “run around” loop coils, Seasons 4 can build a solution that meets your needs.

Sound attenuation – Seasons 4 takes attenuation to the next level. The key to proper attenuation is first understanding the customer’s needs. Is the concern over radiated noise levels, noise level at the property line or attenuation required to meet local noise ordinances? Is it noise in the space that is a concern? Or both? By using the “blank sheet of paper” approach, we can specifically design the unit to fit your needs by using slower condenser fans that make less noise, sound attenuating louvers on the condenser inlets and outlet, and air intake and exhaust openings, perforated liners can be added in key areas to absorb noise and if needed, sound attenuators can be added to the unit itself. We have the ability to use various types of fans that would best meet your attenuation needs, plenum fans, housed fans, mixed flow and compact vaneaxial just to name a few.

Cabinet construction – Seasons 4 primary cabinet is a 2″ polyurethane foam cabinet with a galvanized steel interior and an aluminum (never rust) exterior. We also have custom options for 3″ and 4″ cabinets of both standard, no thru metal, and true thermal break construction. While aluminum exteriors and galvanized steel interiors are our standards, we offer cabinets built with heavier gauges of steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Low temperature DX – Did you know that Seasons 4 can provide 40 degree dewpoint discharge units? Why spend the energy and money for a desiccant unit if you only need to go to 40 degree dewpoint? Most manufacturers stop around 50 degrees, we can go 10 degrees colder. This is a great application for cold storage units like chocolate storage, or for surgery suites where low temperatures and humidity are a benefit.

Air cooled, water cooled condensed, and evaporative condensed, Seasons 4 has experience in building all package dx units. We built air cooled units as large as 550 tons and Evaporative condensed units to well over 400 tons and water cooled condensed units to 300 tons.

Compressors – Seasons 4 is a proud user of Emerson Climate technologies scroll compressors. We use digital and variable speed scroll compressors in most of our units. For larger units, we use Bitzer screw compressors.

Gas heating – Seasons 4 employs both Heatco and Powermatic/Powerflame furnaces for gas heating applications.

Refrigerant piping

Custom Configurations:

In addition to the custom components used, Seasons 4 is capable of producing equipment in a wide variety of configurations. Single zone, Multizone, Dual path, Single path, Energy recovery in side by side or over/under arrangements just to name a few. As mentioned above, we start with a blank sheet of paper for your unit, so custom configurations and arrangements are our specialty.

The above components and options is just the beginning of what’s available from Seasons 4. We hit our stride where others stop in the HVAC business. If you can’t find something that meets your needs, you’ve came to the right place. See our rep list to find a local representative near you.